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Hardscape Design and Installation

Are you looking to add a stone paver walk way, a fire pit, patio or another hardscape to improve the look and usability of your property? If so, contact the professionally-trained hardscape installers of Midwest Lawn Co for a free estimate.

Our team of Chesterfield hardscape installers services lawns throughout the West County suburbs and has extensive expertise in keeping plants and natural environments healthy and thriving. We also work with manmade materials to help take your outdoor spaces to the next level. Hardscaping includes any non-living materials on your landscape. Adding some hardscaping elements will give your landscape added purpose and direction. The presence of strategically built walk ways, built-in seating areas, or retaining walls offer some architectural contrast to your flourishing plants.

While hardscaping adds visual appeal, it also plays an important role in directing visitors through your space. When planning a landscape, considering possible foot traffic and the intended purpose of your lawn can help you as you make decisions. For example, if you want to use your lawn for entertaining, you may consider a Walk Ways from your back porch to the grill area. Not only can this look appealing, but it also helps protect your grass by directing guests to walk on the path.

The hardscaping experts at Midwest Lawn Co understand the strategic role that well-designed hardscaping can add to a landscape. Our team offers hardscaping services to both residential and commercial customers. Making design decisions is exciting, but it can often be overwhelming given the sheer volume of choices you have. Our team has years of experience helping West County residents and business owners make the right decisions. If you are interested in hardscaping for your home or business, we are ready to chat with you about your needs. Call us at (636) 220-9991.

Hardscaping Services We Offer

Our hardscaping specialists can frame your lawn with the right manmade elements. These hardscaped elements vary depending on the look you want to achieve with your lawn. We offer consultation to discuss your needs, design, planning, and installation. Our team will help you make wise decisions that will complement the overall look of your outdoor spaces.

The following features are some popular hardscaping elements:

  • Walking paths – A beautiful path can protect your plants from foot traffic while adding some directional structure to your landscape. Paths can be built in a variety of materials such as paver, stone, and concrete, depending on your budget and visual preferences.
  • Entertaining spaces – Share your lawn with guests with an outdoor entertaining space. We can help install grills, seating, and shade for the home cookout experience you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Custom Patio – A wonderful way to enjoy your beautiful lawn is from the shade and comfort of a custom porch or patio. These areas provide space for gathering, rest, and relaxation.
  • Outdoor Kitchens – An outdoor kitchen can supplement your indoor cooking space and allow you to entertain and feed your guests without needing to go back and forth between the party and the kitchen.
  • Retaining Walls – With a retaining wall, your lawn can safely have two completely separate levels of elevation. This can create an elegant aesthetic effect between a patio area and the lawn around it.

Hardscaping options are not limited to these elements, so if you have something in mind that you want to incorporate into your outdoor space, our hardscaping experts are ready to discuss options with you.

Hardscaping Tips

Making hardscaping decisions can be difficult with an unending stream of choices and possibilities. Our team has years of experience crafting beautiful lawns and we can help you by suggesting options and designs. The following tips can help you make meaningful decisions for your specific outdoor space:

  • Gather inspiration from architecture – Look at the outside of your home or business when deciding what kind of hardscaping you want. The architecture of your property may be complemented by a sweeping walking path or an Retaining Walls to facilitate the appearance of an overgrowing garden.
  • Consider the weather – Don’t forget the climate when you’re deciding on hardscaping. If you want built-in furniture to enjoy year-round, consider the best materials for Chesterfield winters.
  • Desired purpose – Consider how you specifically want to use your outdoor space. If you want to create the ultimate barbeque deck, then you may want an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, and some furniture. If you want to extend your living space to the back deck, you may add an outdoor fireplace and a built-in seating area. Different desired uses will benefit from different hardscaping elements.
  • Inspiring nature – Look at the plants and growth that you do have in your existing landscape. Let your favorite parts of your outdoor space inspire your creativity.

Taking these concepts into consideration can help direct your inspiration. Reach out to our team of hardscaping professionals to discuss how we can make your vision a reality.

Midwest Lawn Co Paver Restoration Services

For the highest-quality paver restoration services in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas, turn to the experts at Midwest Lawn Co. We offer free estimates, and our workmanship is second to none.

Stone and brick paver hardscapes are creative, attractive additions to the outdoor living areas around your home, including walkways, decks, patios, and pool areas. They’re quite popular due to the huge selection of designs, colors, sizes, and textures that can be combined to create functional areas that also add a lot of value and beauty to your property.

Since pavers are located outdoors and are often high-traffic areas, they do require occasional restoration and maintenance to keep them looking their best, even if they are of the “maintenance-free” variety. They can also crack from sudden, heavy impacts at the corners or even from side to side. Temperature extremes, snow, rain, and other weather conditions can slowly damage pavers and erode the base materials that keep them level. Weeds and other unsightly organic growth contribute to the problem and must be kept at bay to preserve the quality and appearance of your hardscape projects.

Call us at (636) 220-9991 or reach out to us online to get a free estimate from one of our paver restoration professionals today.

Clean up Growth and Stains

The first step in paver care is cleaning debris, moss, dirt, and weeds from paver surfaces and the joints between them. This can be done by power washing or cleaning by hand (without chemicals). Once these materials have been removed, replacing the sand underneath and around the pavers with new, dry sand and applying a sealant will help prevent further moss and weed growth.

Brick pavers may be easily stained by mildew, mold, rust, oil, or grease, because they’re composed mainly of porous concrete. These can be cleaned away with stain removers designed specifically for the types of stains present. Once clean, a sealant will help prevent future stains and make them easier to remove if they do occur.

If your pavers have been sealed for a long time but appear to be turning yellow or white, the sealant has probably failed and trapped moisture underneath it. In this case, the old sealant should be removed during the cleaning process with a paver stripper. Otherwise, you can safely leave the existing sealant in place.

Level Before You Trip

Once pavers and the areas between and around them are completely clean, it’s time to even out the sand that balances and holds them in place. Weather and normal wear and tear erode this supporting material, causing pavers to sink, rise, or become unstable and prone to sudden shifts when weight is applied. This can be a significant hazard to anyone walking on the pavers, making them likely to trip or fall if they’re caught off guard by an uneven edge or a loose paver. Improper installation or materials, root growth pushing up edges, sand washing away due to bad drainage (including unexpected water from nearby rainspouts, sprinklers, and irrigation) and poor soil compacting can all contribute to these conditions. Exchanging the sand in and around paver joints with polymeric or jointing sand also helps prevent weed growth and moss buildup.

Paver installations often include edge restraints which can separate, rise, or settle due to erosion or weather conditions. These restraints should be stabilized or replaced as needed to keep pavers solidly in place and prevent trip hazards.

Brighten Pavers and Extend Their Life

Constant exposure to the sun and weather extremes can cause the once-brilliant colors of your pavers to fade over time, making them look dull and weather-beaten. Fortunately, premium sealants have been developed to darken, enhance, and otherwise revitalize the colors in your hardscapes. These sealants provide a variety of finishes including semi-gloss, high gloss, and matte. A plain water-repelling coating can also be used if an enhanced finish isn’t desirable. These sealants aren’t merely aesthetic, they also serve to extend the life of your hardscapes by protecting them from the elements, including moisture, mold, and mildew. They also deter easily-absorbed stains from rust, grease, oil, and other substances that may come in contact with the pavers. Insects and algae can be attracted to hardscapes but a good sealant will keep them from adhering and doing any damage.

Many paver and hardscape installations are done without any sort of sealer at all, which is a recipe for the relatively quick deterioration of the condition and appearance of your valuable addition. In particular, pavers that aren’t sealed will absorb and retain moisture for a long time, often causing mildew and mold to form. The best time to apply a sealant is when pavers are first installed, protecting them from the very beginning of their lifespan. Periodic re-application may be needed over the years as part of the cleaning and restoration process, especially if moisture has crept in and discolored the sealant (giving it a yellowish or whitish hue). Even if sealant wasn’t in place from the beginning, a depleted surface can still be restored to its original sheen with careful cleaning, drying, and sealing, which will then help preserve its appearance and protective qualities for many years.

Sealants also keep weeds, moss, dirt, and other organic growth in paver joints at bay, making it easy to clean them off or helping to prevent their growth entirely. They work well for a variety of hardscapes, including brick, concrete, and stone. Sealants are designed for a variety of purposes, including to help stabilize paver joints.

The most important considerations when applying sealant to pavers are: apply it in dry weather so that no moisture gets trapped underneath a coat, don’t apply too much sealant, and be sure to keep sand and any other contaminants away from the sealant while it’s drying.

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Creating an outdoor space that works for your home or business requires planning, vision, and inspiration. The team of specialists at Midwest Lawn Co have the expertise and skill to guide you through the process. The presence of well-planned hardscaping can elevate a beautiful garden and lawn to an area that visitors can enjoy together.

Whether you’re interested in adding some unique hardscaped details, or you want to completely transform the look of your exterior, we are ready to help you. Contact a hardscaping specialist at Midwest Lawn Co today by calling (636) 220-9991.