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Chesterfield Professional Landscaping Services

The Chesterfield landscaping experts at Midwest Lawn Co know that a beautiful outdoor space entails a mix of natural elements (softscapes) with human-made elements (hardscapes). Our team is here to help design, install, and maintain your residential or commercial property’s space. When you work with us, you know that you have a team of professionally-trained landscape experts working hard to make your property look it’s very best.

Our landscaping specialists can help you determine the perfect plan for your home or business depending on the size and terrain of your lawn in addition to your budget and commitment to maintaining your lawn’s health. In addition to planning, our team is equipped to plant, install, and maintain the softscaping details that work for your landscape. Get in touch with us today at (636) 220-9991 or reach out to us online for a free estimate. We provide landscaping services all throughout the West County suburbs.

Our Landscaping Services

No matter what your goals are for your landscape, we are ready to discuss, design, and execute the right plan for you, anywhere in the entire West County suburbs area. Some of our landscaping services include:

  • Landscape design
  • Landscape maintenance and renewal
  • Softscapes
  • Hardscapes
  • Outdoor Kitchens

If you need someone to install a landscape that you can care for yourself, or if you’d rather have someone else maintain your property for you, the team at Midwest Lawn Co tailors our services to keep your lawn attractive and healthy. To discuss your project with a professionally-trained landscaper, give us a call at (636) 220-9991 today to get started.

Chesterfield Landscape Design

There are many factors to be considered in the planning and design of your landscape. Which plants will grow best given the soil in your lawn? How much exposure to sunlight does your lawn have? Are you planning on regular maintenance, or would you prefer your lawn to grow with minimal intervention? When dreaming up the landscape that you want, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities. However, it is also important to understand the natural limitations of your outdoor space.

The team of landscape experts at Midwest Lawn Co can help you achieve the look that you want while accounting for potential obstacles. With our experience working for both commercial and residential clients, we can help you plan and design a landscape that will be both attractive and functional. Our ultimate goal is to help make sure that your vision comes to life.

Softscape Services

The range of softscape features varies widely from subtle garden details like succulents and flowers to more involved elements like shrubbery and hedges. Our team is experienced in working with everything on the spectrum of organic and plant material. The following are some popular options:

  • Knot Gardens – Knot gardens tend to give a landscape a more polished feel. Often knot gardens, when viewed from a higher point, have a symmetrical design. Our specialists work to help you determine the style, plants, and hedged you want to incorporate.
  • English Gardens – English gardens are famous for their vibrant colors and varying textures. Investing in a variety of interesting plants will transform your lawn into a festive gathering place.
  • Herb Garden – Save yourself a trip to the grocery store and grow some herbs yourself. Growing herbs enrich the cooking experience for many people because it involved them even more in the preparation of their meals.
  • Rain Gardens – These are an attractive solution to drainage issues. They are built on the lower points of your landscape to collect the runoff from the higher points from your lawn or driveway. Comprised of resilient plants like perennials and shrubbery, rain gardens typically can healthily soak up 30% more water than the rest of your lawn.
  • Succulent Garden – In recent years succulents have become more and more popular. While succulents thrive with minimal attention, they do best in warmer environments. So if you are interested in a succulent garden, it may be best to consider
  • Hedges – Hedges can act as a natural barrier, giving the illusion of fencing without actually building anything. In this way, they are another beautiful, thriving plant in your lawn in addition to having a practical function. Hedges can serve as a beautiful design detail, contrasting the plants and flowers that are lower to the ground.
  • Understory Beds – There are plenty of practical considerations when planning your softscaping, one of which is light exposure. If your landscape is not positioned to get much sunlight, you can still have beautiful plants. An understory bed is a great solution for the shadier places in your lawn.
  • Container Arrangements – Container arrangements are a wonderful and dynamic way to work more plants into your outdoor spaces. In Chesterfield, container arrangements are especially popular around porches and balconies. Many people find these easy and fun to maintain.

Our softscape specialists understand that ever residential or commercial property is different, and needs a tailored softscape design plan. If you are interested in infusing more life into your landscape, we want to help you.

Determining the Right Softscaping for Your Outdoor Space

Residential and commercial softscaping can be a powerful way to tell the story of your home or business. People’s taste in landscaping is highly individualized. While some of our clients seem to know exactly what they want from the outset, others are landscape beginners. To figure out which plants are right for your home or business, consider the following:

  • Size – How much space are you working with? The size of your lawn or garden is a useful place to start because it gives you essential information about the possible arrangement of plants. If you want to have the appearance of a more expansive lawn, then the softscaping options that will work best will be more space-conscious or subtle.
  • Style – Let the exterior of your home or business inspire you when deciding plants and flowers. Perhaps certain textures and colors will play off or interestingly contrast the architecture. Our specialists can help you come up with ideas that will both look beautiful and be practical for your space.
  • Time – While you may love the look of individual plants, they may be more work than you’re willing to put in. Our specialists can give you an idea of which plants will be more labor-intensive and which will require minimal upkeep. If you are committed to putting the necessary resources fourth to care for your plants, then this will expand your options.
  • Budget – Softscape options certainly do not have to be expensive to enhance the beauty of your landscape. We’ll work with you to design and implement a beautiful softscape that fits your ideal budget.

At Midwest Lawn Co we want to help you create an outdoor space that meets all of your needs. We can walk you through options according to your style preferences as well as practical constraints.

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