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Chesterfield Lawn Care Specialists

Lawn care and maintenance is our specialty at Midwest Lawn Co. We offer a variety of lawn care services to keep your yard healthy and looking great all year round. If you need mowing, sodding, fertilization or any other lawn care service in Chesterfield, contact Midwest Lawn Co today to receive a quote on services.

Our Lawn Care Services

In Missouri, we are fortunate enough to experience the variety that all four seasons have to offer. Because of this, keeping your lawn healthy will require different methods depending on the season. Subject to the extreme heat of the summer, and the icy conditions of Missouri winters, even lawns that require minimal attention benefit from regular and thoughtful maintenance.

Staying vigilant with maintenance facilitates growth and keeps your landscape thriving from one season to the next. The professionals at Midwest Lawn Co work with yards and spaces that come in all sizes, textures, and plant varieties. We offer the following lawn care and maintenance services for both residences and businesses:

We understand the toll that particularly harsh seasons can have on the health of your lawn, and we can also perform renew services to encourage the vitality of your lawn. In doing so, we help clear away harmful or rotting elements of your landscape so that your lawn grows abundantly to the best of its ability.

Compost Topdressing Services

Compost topdressing is an effective way to improve the overall health of your soil. Though topdressing has similar benefits to fertilization, the main objective is to improve the levels of organic matter in the soil. Healthy organic matter levels in soil help with the following:

  • Soil nutrient retention
  • Availability of nutrients
  • Reduction of excess soil density
  • Improved soil porosity

Additionally, topdressing is an environmentally sustainable option to improve the health of your lawn without harming the larger ecosystem. To apply the most effective variation of compost topdressing to your lawn, you must first understand the soil composition in your existing soil. Our compost professionals are ready to help you achieve a healthier lawn today.


An incredibly effective way to enhance the health and overall look of your lawn is by having a healthy layer of sod installed. The sodding specialists at Midwest Lawn Co can help you make the best decision for which types of sod will work best with the soil on your lawn. Fresh and healthy sod can liven up tired parts of your lawn and cover patches that haven’t grown to give your lawn a better chance at flourishing.

Our team is happy to help you with your sodding needs so that you don’t make any critical installation mistakes or choose a sod variety that isn’t suited to your particular landscape. Our sodding specialists are ready to help you if you’re interested in learning more about the sod that will be best for your lawn. We will source high-quality sod and oversee the installation to help you instantly achieve the healthy, nourished look that you want for your landscape.


Mowing is critical to lawn care and maintenance. Mowing keeps opportunistic weeds at bay while giving the underlying soil in your lawn better access to nutrients. Making a point to regularly mow will allow you to spot the potential growth and health issues of your lawn. The periodic mowing services of an expert landscaping team can help ensure that your lawn is manicured properly and poised for growth. The experts at Midwest Lawn Co tailor our mowing approach to each lawn with the season, growth pattern, and future maintenance in mind.


In spite of taking conscious care of your lawn throughout the year, you may need some fertilization services to make sure that your yard has access to the nutrients that it needs throughout the growing season. The key to a beautiful landscape is a healthy system beneath the ground, which fertilization is an essential component of.

Though it can be tempting to fertilize your lawn on your own, you run the risk of over fertilizing, or using compounds that won’t actually benefit your yard. The professionals at Midwest Lawn Co can conduct a soil test to determine the correct course of action for your lawn.

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If you are a home owner or business owner in Chesterfield, the team of skilled lawn care experts at Midwest Lawn Co can help you take care of your outdoor space. Call us to get a quote on our services.