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Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Chesterfield

Building an outdoor kitchen can be a useful and enjoyable extension of your home’s living space. If you love entertaining friends and family, or if you simply want to be able to prepare your meals outside, the Chesterfield outdoor kitchen installation experts at Midwest Lawn Co can help.

Our team at Midwest Lawn Co can help you with initial planning, design, and installation, all while offering practical solutions along the way. We want to help make sure that all of your landscaping needs are met and that, above all, you have an outdoor space that is inviting and accessible. To discuss options for your outdoor kitchen, call one of our specialists today at (636) 220-9991. We offer our services throughout the West County suburbs.

Popular Outdoor Kitchen Features

If you are considering improving your home’s outdoor space by building an outdoor kitchen, you may already have a decent idea of which features you are interested in. The features that work best for any given outdoor kitchen depend entirely on how it will be used. The needs of someone planning to cook multiple course meals will vary from the needs of someone who only plans to host cocktail hours.

Though all outdoor kitchens are unique, the most popular features tend to be:

  • Gas Grill – An outdoor grill top is popular among people who want an outdoor kitchen. They are user-friendly and easy to clean no matter what food or beverage you are preparing.
  • Sink – Adding a sink to your outdoor kitchen gives you a convenient nearby water supply so that you don’t need to take trips indoors everytime you need water. An outdoor sink is also convenient for handwashing and dishwashing purposes.
  • Refrigerator – No matter if you want a mini-fridge or a full-sized fridge, the presence of a built-in outdoor fridge allows you to easily store and access your favorite refreshments.
  • Built-in Trash Bin – Investing in a built-in trash bin is much more space-friendly and attractive than bringing a trash bin outside every time you use your outdoor kitchen. Additionally, by virtue of being built-in, your trash can be secured from outdoor pests who may otherwise get into the garbage.

These features often satisfy the essential basic needs for cooking and entertaining. However, our team is always ready to offer helpful suggestions tailored to your specific project.

Outdoor Kitchen Enhancements

After adding the basic features of your outdoor kitchen, you may discover that some enhancements will help you make the best use of your kitchen. There are plenty of options and enhancements to meet your individual needs, and Midwest Lawn Co can assist you with any specific requests you may have. The following outdoor kitchen enhancements are popular additions:

  • Side Burners – Side burners allow you to prepare additional dishes while the main gas grill is in use. This can make meal preparation much more efficient.
  • Flat top griddles – This feature is an easy-to-clean option for those who enjoy using their outdoor kitchen to prepare traditional American breakfasts.
  • Ice machine – This is an especially useful addition for people who plan on having a built-in beverage station. A reliable ice machine will ensure you don’t have to continually run to the gas station for bags of ice.
  • Ice Bin – Installing an ice bin in the countertop is an attractive way to keep refreshments chilled.
  • Bar Center – If you’re planning on throwing parties, a bar center is almost certainly a necessity. Bar centers can be customized, but often provide space for liquor, ice, and cocktail accouterment.
  • Kegerator – This is an enviable feature on game day. Keep your beer fresh and your guests happy while you root for your team.
  • Wine Chiller – A wine cooler is great for storage and keeping your wine at just the right temperature, no matter the weather.

There are plenty more features available for outdoor kitchens, so if you are interested in features not listed above, our artisans are happy to provide you with more information.

Outdoor Kitchen Ventilation and Storage

Ventilation and storage are two incredibly important factors to be considered during the planning of your outdoor kitchen. These practical considerations can easily be overlooked for especially exciting features like a bar center or a flat top griddle, but you’ll be glad you accounted for them once all is said and done.

To make sure that you have the counter space that you need, consider investing in some drawers, cabinets, or even a pantry. Having some strategically placed storage can go a long way in making the most of the space that you do have. If you struggle with pests, there are also ways to secure your cabinets so that animals can’t get into your storage spaces.

Additionally, if you’re planning on using your outdoor kitchen to prepare meals, ventilation is a necessity to ensure that your space is safe. While some areas are naturally well-suited for ventilation, the following features may be a good idea:

  • Vent Panels – If you invest in a propane grill, vent panels are a good way to create an outlet for gas in the event of a leak.
  • Vent Hood – Especially for more enclosed porches, a vent hood will help pull smoke up and away so that it doesn’t stagnate in common areas.
  • Insulated Grill Jacket – Quality insulation will protect your kitchen appliances, counter space, and guests from the high temperature of your outdoor oven or grill. If your countertops lack proper insulation, they could easily crack in close proximity to the high temperature of a grill.

If you have questions about how to best account for ventilation in your outdoor kitchen, we can offer useful suggestions.

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Transforming your outdoor space into a hub for entertaining and relaxing is a worthwhile project that can benefit your family for years to come. The Chesterfield landscaping experts at Midwest Lawn Co can help design and install the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Contact us at (636) 220-9991 to get a free estimate, and let our professionally-trained team help make your project a reality.