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Chesterfield Lawn Edging Services

Anyone who wants to attract customers to their place of business, increase the curb appeal of their property, or give their lawn an upgrade can do so by creating some visual contrast between different areas in their yard through edging.

The process of edging can highlight the beauty of a flower bed or accent an outdoor living area. Landscape edging can also address a common problem in Missouri: excess growth of lawn and weeds that can spill over onto the sides of your otherwise clean pathways and patio. Well-thought-out edging can eliminate all of the extra growth and give your driveway, walkways, and flower beds a clean, smooth look.

Edging is an ideal way to create visible lines between garden beds and other areas of your yard. It can define a border between flower beds, a shrub bed, or a single tree and the lawn, or it can define the transition from a patio to the surrounding garden bed.

Although edging is primarily an aesthetic service, it is also a practical approach to keeping weeds out of your yard. That’s why the lawn care professionals at Midwest Lawn Co offer edging services to create a border between those invasive weeds and your grass and landscaping.

Tips for Lawn Edging Excellence

If you’re new to landscape edging, but are interested in trying it yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind to avoid unintentionally sabotaging your lawn by edging it incorrectly.

Once you’ve determined what different aspects of your landscape could use some visual dimension and depth, you’ll need to draw the line in your yard that you want to take. When you’re marking out a line, look for lines that are already occurring naturally in your lawn.

Avoid drawing hard angles and right angles, which can be harsh in appearance. Instead, mark out lines that seem to flow naturally, and keep those lines as smooth as possible.

If you have a large area to edge, it is a good idea to mark out the line using lawn or field marking chalk. Then use an edger tool to cut along the line. When cutting a line between the grass in your yard and a walkway or flower bed, avoid an angle that could easily be filled with runoff, as this encourages rhizome growth. To cut off any further rhizome growth, edge straight down at a 90-degree angle.

Avoid using a basic grub hoe or shovel for edging, as it won’t effectively accomplish that distinction you are trying to create. Be sure to use an edging tool that is sharp and sturdy. An edger’s depth guard will help you to cut lines that are consistent and clean.

When you’re done edging, use wood chips, river rocks, or pavers to establish a clear boundary between a tree and the lawn, or your patio and the grass. If you use plastic landscape edging for any reason, make sure it is not visible, as it detracts from the polished look you just worked so hard to create.

For more edging design ideas, contact the landscape professionals at Midwest Lawn Co.

Avoid Common Lawn Edging Mistakes

While an edger with an all-steel frame is ideal for getting through rocks and roots, it can also cut through pipes and wires if you aren’t careful while edging.

At Midwest Lawn Co, we recommend that you keep an eye out for electrical wires, and drainage and irrigation pipes that may be running under the edge you drew. Do not cut through pipes or electrical wires, as this may only create a lot of unnecessary repairs, and can also be dangerous.

To avoid any stressful, expensive, and possibly hazardous mistakes, pay attention to where pipes and electrical wires lie in your yard, and adjust your edging lines accordingly.

If you don’t feel comfortable edging around pipes and electrical wires, the Midwest Lawn Co specialists are here to help you with edging that is safe, functional, and visually appealing. We take into consideration any wires or irrigation on your property and offer landscape design options that avoid disrupting these.

Refrain from using your weed trimmer for edging, as it is nearly impossible to hold the trimmer completely straight while you move it up and down along the edges you want to define.

If you’re planning to edge only once a year, do it around the end of June so that it stays crisp for as long as possible. If you are edging your lawn for the first time, consider working with a lawn care professional. The initial edging process usually involves tackling substantial overgrowth.

Without professional tools at your disposal, the process of edging can be time consuming and labor intensive. A professional who specializes in lawn care, however, can save you time by performing edging services, keeping weeds and overgrowth at bay.

In the Midwest, the best time to edge is between mid-August and mid-October. How often you edge is all dependent upon how much time you have to invest in your lawn. At the very least, you should edge once a year. However, for the best results, you will want to edge your lawn twice a year.

You’ll have the cleanest lines by edging at the beginning and the end of the peak growing season, which can vary slightly based on whether you have cool-season grass, warm-season grass, or a combination of both.

Typically, your grass will grow slower in the summer heat, but to determine when the peak season of growth is for your lawn, have a lawn care professional assess your edging needs and determine what types of grass you have.

Edging at the beginning and end of the peak growing season ensures an impeccable appearance that lasts all year. But many people simply don’t have the time, patience, or tools to perform the upkeep necessary for maintenance.

As lawn care professionals, we understand how time-consuming edging can be. Midwest Lawn Co has been helping customers in Chesterfield and the surrounding suburbs with landscape design and lawn maintenance since 2009, and we provide the professional experience and equipment necessary for edging that is always striking.

Our lawn care experts specialize in edging services to add contrast to your landscape. Contact a Midwest Lawn Co specialist for more information about the edging services that will work best for your lawn.

What Lawn Edging Should I Use for the Finishing Touch?

Landscape edging can be used to line a walkway or paved path with style, while also encouraging people to walk on paths rather than across your manicured lawn. Edging can also be used to prevent a flower bed that is full of mulch from overflowing onto your freshly mowed grass.

To accent a new ornamental shrub or highlight a water feature, you can use masonry edging, which is durable and easy to install. Choose from interlocking pavers, brick, or stamped concrete edging that comes in different shapes and styles.

Wood edging refers to round logs or flat boards made of cedar, cypress, or redwood, which have natural rot-resisting properties. This pressure-treated edging is resistant to moisture and relatively inexpensive, making it a good return on investment. Wood edging also comes in precut sections of alternating heights.

Why Should I Hire Midwest Lawn Co for Lawn Edging Services?

Make your investment in a garden, flower bed, patio, or other outdoor living space worth it by preventing weeds and unruly grass from creeping in from your lawn. Edging can be the difference between a property that frustrates you every time you step outside versus one that you are proud of.

Don’t compromise when it comes to your yard. Consult with one of our lawn care experts to discuss the best time for edging your property, the safest approach to edging, and the highest quality materials for highlighting that carefully created edge.

At Midwest Lawn Co, our professionally trained and certified staff are dedicated to helping both our residential and commercial customers. This commitment is just one of the reasons our community trusts us with their lawn care needs.

We offer that same level of commitment when we assess the areas of your lawn that you want to be edged and we develop a design that will meet the unique needs of your lawn.

Lawn care and maintenance is our specialty, and our experienced landscape professionals can handle all of your lawn care needs, including mulching, pruning, edging, and more.

Don’t let edging overwhelm you. For almost a decade Midwest Lawn Co has provided high-quality lawn care services to Chesterfield residents and the surrounding West County suburbs. Our lawn care professionals are experienced in creating edging that accents your beautiful flower beds or that highlights a renovated patio.

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By using edging to create a landscape with interest and texture, you can optimize its potential to be inviting to customers and neighbors, while transforming your yard into an environment that you and your family can enjoy.

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