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Chesterfield Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is an important part of the health of your lawn. Lawn aeration adds air to your soil so that the dirt does not stay too compacted. It promotes the growth of a healthy, lush lawn. When the soil in your lawn has not been properly aerated, your lawn suffers. It is important not to go too long without soil aeration for the optimal lawn.

If you suspect that your lawn could use aeration treatment, the team at Midwest Lawn Co is prepared to help you with this task. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the healthiest lawn possible with effective treatments and timely service. Contact us at (636) 220-9991 or on this website to learn more about how we can assist you.

Do I Need a Lawn Aeration Specialist?

The process of lawn aeration is best left to someone who is familiar with the task and can evaluate your lawn and its particular conditions. It may seem as if soil aeration is a task you can accomplish on your own, but if you choose to go this route, you risk doing it at the wrong time of year and under the wrong conditions. Timing is critical to this process, and it is wise to trust an expert to handle this important maintenance task. Additionally, the moisture level of the soil should be at an optimal level to obtain the best results from a lawn aeration service. A specialist will be in the best position to assess your lawn and provide top-quality service.

Why Choose Midwest Lawn Co to Handle My Lawn Aeration Needs?

When you want results from top-quality work on your lawn, Midwest Lawn Co is your go-to company. Our customers frequently provide feedback demonstrating their satisfaction with our services. Whatever your lawn needs, our team is prepared to professionally assist you with fairness and integrity.

At Midwest Lawn Co, we are knowledgeable and specialize in making your yard into the pristine paradise you desire. We are devoted to serving the Chesterfield community, and we have been doing so for over a decade. We have developed expertise in treating both common and unusual issues that occur in lawn care and landscaping. Midwest Lawn Co founder Eric Harbit is committed to quality service and communication and strives to ensure that his professionally trained staff embodies these principles in every project.

Before we begin on any project for you, we are happy to provide a free quote for the work that needs to be completed. By calling us at (636) 220-9991 or chatting us on this website, you will have to opportunity to speak with a trained staff member to work toward achieving your desired outcome for your property.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is a lawn maintenance process that involves removing “plugs,” or slices, of soil to open up areas in the ground through the thatch, which is a layer of dead and living plant matter around the base of the grass. By removing slices of the earth, oxygen and carbon dioxide can be exchanged more freely, allowing your lawn to breathe. This is called core aeration, since portions of the ground are “cored” out of the earth. The cores that are removed will dissolve back into the ground over time.

The cores that are removed also allow water and fertilizer to travel to the roots of your lawn grass. This helps your lawn to grow more efficiently. Lawn aeration also enhances the growth of your lawn by avoiding compacted soil and preventing too much thatch from building up.

Another method of lawn aeration is called spike aeration, which involves using a roller with spikes on it to make holes in the soil. This method accomplishes the same goals in a slightly different way. Different lawns are more or less suited to each kind of aeration, and some can benefit from both. At Midwest Lawn Co, we will evaluate your lawn to decide which type of aeration is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Aeration

Our customers often have questions about lawn aeration, including the following common questions:

Why should I aerate my lawn?

Lawn aeration is crucial to improving and maintaining the health of your lawn. The goal is to avoid compacted earth, which prevents water, nutrients, and gases from being properly delivered to the grass plants. Because plants receive more nutrients after aeration, their roots are healthier and the plant itself has greater density over the ground. Fertilization of your lawn will be more effective following regular lawn aeration as well.

Additionally, after your lawn has been aerated, it will survive stress with better results. Hot weather and lack of water are two ways in which your lawn may experience stress. If you aerate your lawn at the optimal frequency, your lawn will be hardy and will thrive again more quickly following extreme weather conditions.

How do I know if my lawn needs to be aerated?

Soil needs to be aerated so that it is not compacted. One easy way to determine whether your soil is too compacted is to use a screwdriver or shovel and determine if it can easily go into the soil. If it can easily go into the ground, you may not need lawn aeration right away. However, if it is difficult to push a screwdriver into the soil, it is probably time for aeration. If puddles are forming on your lawn, this could also be a sign that the ground is compacted. It is important to note that soils with a lot of clay in them tend to need aeration more frequently than sandier soils. Typically, regardless of the soil type, aeration at least once a year is a good practice.

When should I aerate?

Lawn aeration once a year works well for many lawns. The fall is a good time of year for most types of grass to be aerated. Depending on the type of soil and use of the lawn, more frequent lawn aeration may be helpful. We can discuss the unique circumstances of your property with you to understand the best times to aerate your lawn.

What if I never aerate my lawn?

If your lawn is never aerated, the compacted soil would prevent healthy, lush grass from growing. Diseases and weeds are more likely to take over in a lawn that has not been properly aerated. Lawn aeration is just one of the important steps to maintaining your lawn, along with fertilization, proper watering, mowing, and weed control.

Can I water and fertilize my lawn after aerating?

Yes, watering and fertilizing your lawn after aeration are good things to do. The aeration holes permit water and fertilizer to get directly to the roots of your lawn, which can provide great results. Watering your lawn can help the aeration cores to break down more quickly as well.

How long will it take for the cores in my yard to go away?

The cores from lawn aeration break down over time and dissolve into the soil. Weather conditions such as rain or the lack of rain can affect how long it takes for the cores to break down. It is important to leave cores on your lawn because as they disintegrate, they help to break down thatch. Watering and mowing are two options to help cores break down quicker.

When should I dethatch instead of aerate my lawn?

When thatch builds up to more than half an inch, it should be removed. When thatch growth is less severe, a power rake can be used to remove thatch buildup. De-thatching is not typically done every year, as aeration is. It is important to de-thatch prior to the primary growing season so that healthy grass is not disrupted.

Can I aerate newly laid sod or seeded lawn?

If your yard has been newly sodded or your lawn has recently been seeded, it is best to wait to aerate the soil. The seedlings in a newly seeded lawn should reach maturity before aeration takes place. As a rule of thumb, you should wait approximately six months before aerating new sod.

Can aerating cause damage to underground utilities or pipes?

While most utilities and pipes are far enough beneath the surface that aeration processes will not harm them, other items such as sprinkler systems could potentially be close enough to the surface to be impacted. We will carefully assess your property and ensure that any such systems are avoided during the aeration process.

Should I continue to aerate my lawn if I see improvement?

Aeration should occur at least once a year, but may be necessary more frequently, even if initial aeration improves your lawn. We can help you assess throughout the year whether your lawn should be aerated to keep your lawn as lush and healthy as possible.

If you still have questions about lawn aeration, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at (636) 220-9991 right away.

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