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Chesterfield Lawn Fertilization

To keep your lawn healthy and hearty requires diligence and, to some extent, experience. But lawn care can be labor-intensive and confusing. Fertilizer application can be exceptionally time-consuming, but the Chesterfield, Missouri area specialists of Midwest Lawn Co are here to help you with your lawn care needs. We save you time while taking the guesswork out of lawn care.

For a yard full of stunning, healthy grass, routine fertilization application is the number one action you can take. If your yard appears to need fertilizing or any other lawn care service, contact Midwest Lawn Co at (636) 220-9991. We provide a variety of services to keep your yard in the healthiest shape possible.

The Benefits of Fertilization

You may take meticulous care of your lawn all year long, but find that it is still in need of some additional services despite your best efforts. Like all living things, your grass requires regular feedings to survive.

Your lawn draws the essential elements it needs to thrive (carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen) from water and carbon dioxide in the air. The grass also requires macronutrients and micronutrients, which are present in the soil and absorbed by the plant’s root system.

Fertilizer is organic or inorganic material that is applied to the soil to enhance the health of your lawn and provide the mineral nutrients necessary for optimal development during the growing season. Feeding your lawn nutrient-rich fertilizer can help it bounce back from high-traffic, restore health, promote the growth of healthy roots and new leaves, minimize the growth of weeds, and address any nutrient deficiencies.

By applying high-quality fertilizer to your lawn, you can also control the growth of weeds. There are even products on the market that destroy weeds before they can spread, while also fertilizing the grass with much-needed nutrients.

Not all grass varieties have the same nutrient requirements, however, so always read the label on the fertilizer container for information on what grasses the product high-quality for, as well as application instructions.

After applying fertilizer to your lawn, water the fertilizer in immediately and thoroughly. Continue feeding your yard a premier fertilizer every six to eight weeks during the growing season. This will result in dense grass growth, leaving little room for weeds to multiply.

Concerned that your busy schedule won’t allow for consistent feedings? Consider working with a lawn fertilization specialist to schedule routine fertilization services.

Test Your Soil Before Fertilization

Since your grass accesses the nutrients necessary to thrive from the soil, a lawn that is attractive and strong starts underground. Professional testing of your proper will provide a soil profile that is then used to determine what type of grass fertilizer you should apply on your lawn and how often you should apply it.

The test will measure your soil’s level of crucial nutrients such as phosphorus (which is necessary for good root development) and potassium (which is required to recover from environmental stresses), as well as other nutrient levels. Your grass will be weak and vulnerable to weeds and disease if the soil is deficient of any of these significant components. The test also reveals your soil’s acidity or alkalinity (pH) and Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), which are essential aspects of lawn health. Typically, lawn grasses are the healthiest when the soil pH ranges from 6.5 to 7.0.

When your lawn has a soil pH that is high, which means it has a value of more than 7.5, soil sulfur or a lawn fertilizer that contains sulfur will be necessary to lower the pH. Lawns with a low soil pH, such as soil with a value of 5.5 or 6.0, will need an application of lime to turn up the pH level.

If your soil test comes back with nutrient or pH issues that require adjustments be made, then you should test the soil once a year until tests reveal that the problems have been corrected. If your soil test does not reveal any nutrient or pH issues, you should still test every three years to ensure that no new problems arise.

It is best to have the soil tested before your lawn comes out of its dormant winter state, which is in early spring. Some homeowners do gather soil samples on their own by pulling 10 to 12 individual samples from the yard at random. Once the samples have been collected, the soils should all be mixed. One cup of the mixed soil should be removed and placed in a plastic bag to be sent off for testing per the soil testing company’s instructions.

Until you know the condition and needs of your soil, it is difficult to fertilize your grass properly. Instead, you run the risk of over-fertilizing your grass or using compounds that cause your lawn more harm than good.

To avoid damaging your grass through improper fertilization application, contact a lawn care specialist to help you determine the extent of fertilization services needed and the correct course of action. The professionals at Midwest Lawn Co can conduct a soil test, assessing the results and using them to suggest the right fertilizer for your lawn.

Avoid These Fertilizer Application Mistakes

When it comes to lawn fertilizer, mistakes are easy to make. Make sure to do your research instead of just guessing how much fertilizer you need and what setting you should use for applications.

Guessing could lead to the application of too much lawn fertilizer, and more is rarely better! In sandy soils, excessive fertilization will leach through the soil and make its way into our groundwater, lakes, streams, and wetlands.

Do not make the mistake of applying fertilizer near water features, on hard surfaces, or on frozen ground, which will eventually melt. And never apply fertilizer during hot, humid weather. While fertilizer may stimulate the grass to grow, it can also chemically burn the blades of grass if applied when it is too hot out.

The grass in your lawn only needs to be fed a certain amount to survive and grow. Unlike humans, lawn grasses do not stop consuming nutrients when they have had enough. Consumption of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus in excess can make your grass weak and more susceptible to insects, disease, and weeds.

Why Should I Hire Midwest Lawn Co for Lawn Fertilizer Application?

At Midwest Lawn Co, our lawn care specialists are here to help you assess the fertilization needs of your grass. Depending on the results, a significant amount of time and energy may be required to meet those needs.

To ensure that you are feeding your lawn the right amount of the right nutrients, a spreader is necessary for distributing the fertilizer. To make sure that the correct amount of fertilizer is applied, spreaders must be well maintained and accurately calibrated. It is also prudent to keep a record of what fertilizer you applied and the dates you applied it.

Many of us aren’t able to devote that much time to our lawns how, ver. It’s challenging enough to find the time to test the soil and maintain the lawn, let alone access and calibrate a spreader. But with Midwest Lawn Co on your side, you can still enjoy the benefits of an attractive, healthy lawn without the burden of having to maintain it on your own.

At Midwest Lawn Co, we specialize in lawn care and maintenance services to make sure you have a vibrant lawn all year round. Serving all of Chesterfield, the lawn care specialists of Midwest Lawn Co are your one-stop-shop for your lawn care and landscaping needs, including fertilization, weed control, and lawn aeration.

We are trained and certified to deliver exceptional lawn care and maintenance services to make sure you have a yard that really turns heads. Our team of lawn care experts provides landscaping and drainage services, as well as property renovation. At Midwest Lawn Co, we take care of the hard part, so you can enjoy your outdoor living space with family and friends.

The lawn care professionals of Midwest Lawn Co are knowledgeable and specialize in transforming your yard into the outdoor living space of your dreams. We have been dedicated to serving the Chesterfield community for over a decade. And our team has the expertise to treat both typical and uncommon issues that occur in lawn care and landscaping.

The founder of Midwest Lawn Co, Eric Harbit, has imparted his devotion to high quality service and consistent communication to the Midwest team, and works hard to ensure that his professionally trained staff applies these principles to every service they provide and project they complete.

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