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Chesterfield Professional Lawn Mowing

Lawn care can be a difficult, demanding and time-consuming task. The Chesterfield, Missouri area lawn care specialists of Midwest Lawn Co are here to help you with your lawn care needs. From mowing, mulching and aerating to hardscaping and other landscaping services, Midwest Lawn Co is a one-stop shop for lawn care, maintenance, and property renovation.

When it comes to mowing your lawn, the quality of the equipment you use, the times at which you mow and how short the grass should be cut are all considerations that can affect the health and vitality of the lawn. Especially on our hot Missouri summer days, leave the lawn care to the experts so you can get more enjoyment out of your lawn without the hassle that maintenance brings. Contact the Chesterfield lawn care specialists of Midwest Lawn Co today at (636) 220-9991 to inquire more about our services and receive a free estimate, or fill out a contact form here on our website.

Why should I hire Midwest Lawn Co for mowing services?

Our Chesterfield professional lawn care company promises to provide the highest quality lawn care services. We believe we uphold the highest standard of service through our:

  • Effective, timely communication: We promise to work to respond to all of your communication and needs promptly, and will communicate our timelines and needs in kind.
  • Understanding your lawn care needs and working with them: While we bring our expertise to every job we take on, your needs and ideas ultimately come together. We promise to keep an open eye and ear, understand your timeline, budget and landscaping preferences, and work to your specifications.
  • Always putting quality work first: At Midwest Lawn Co, our priority is always quality. We will never cut corners, use cheap or shoddy materials and will always bring our professional and experienced staff to every job. We put in the work so that you can enjoy the benefits of a healthier, cleaner and more vibrant yard with family and friends.
  • Professionally-trained and certified staff:  All of our team members undergo a rigorous training process so that you are delivered the highest quality of work. Our staff has a deep understanding of topics related to landscaping, hardscaping, and gardening, and can bring their technical expertise and experience to any landscaping job, mowing or otherwise.
  • Creativity: While we will always work to your needs, our professionally trained staff will always work to bring creativity to our work, working with our expertise and your requirements to develop an original, creative and ideally eye-catching solution.

Our clientele throughout the West County suburbs give us high marks – see our testimonials here. Our decade of experience working on lawns in the St. Louis area has given us the knowledge and expertise necessary to meet the demands of our topography, soil, and extreme weather.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy Through Routine Mowing

There is an art to maintaining a healthy lawn, and mowing is an integral part of any lawn care regimen. As lawn care professionals, we understand the importance and substance of maintaining a healthy lawn. Some general guidelines for mowing include:

  1. Don’t cut the grass too short: To cut the grass too short is to scalp the lawn. If you scalp the lawn, this will leave more soil exposed, which can help weeds to take root. Additionally, scalping the lawn will lead to poorer root systems in the grass, which can invite more significant stress on the lawn during drought or extreme temperatures. An expert lawn care specialist can help to determine the appropriate length of the grass. 
  1. Keep the lawn mower blades sharp: Keeping mower blades sharp will help to cut the grass cleanly. Dull mower blades can create tears in the grass that pests and diseases can take advantage of. Using professional lawn care specialists will ensure that your lawn is being mowed with the best, most professionally maintained equipment.
  2. Change the mowing height according to the growing season: It is essential to change the height of the mower in response to times of the year, as grass with grows faster at specific times rather than others. In the heat of the summer, it is wise to allow the grass to grow higher before cutting, resulting in less water evaporation.
  3. Adjust the mowing height to the level of shade: In the shadier regions of your yard, it is vital to use a higher mowing height to allow the areas receiving less sunlight to capture more. A lawn care specialist will be able to determine where to mow higher, to maintain a consistently healthy yard, no matter the level of shade.
  4. Avoid mowing in moist/wet conditions: It is essential to avoid mowing when conditions become damp, such as in the first few days following significant rainfall. When mowing a damp lawn, it may be mowed far more unevenly due to the wet grass that can clog the mower deck. Mowing is soggy soil can also lead to ruts and tearing up the grass, mainly if the blades are not sharp.
  5. Mow only at certain times of day: Mowing places stress on your grass. Therefore, it is best to mow during times of the day that water loss would be minimized, so that the grass can recover faster. An experience lawn care professional can help with mowing at the cooler times of the day, working with your busy schedule and giving you time to enjoy the lawn at the end of the day.
  6. Allow sufficient time in between each mowing: One important and often overlooked aspect of mowing is that it is vital to allow the grass to grow back enough to recover and retain moisture. Like putting the blade on the mower too short, mowing too often can stunt the growth of the grass and cause the health of the lawn to decline. Mowing frequency will change depending on the time of the year. Qualified lawn care professionals will be able to help you understand how much you should be mowing at what times of the year, and when not to mow at all.

Mowing techniques for a healthy lawn

  • Edging: Flat edging alongside driveways, paved surfaces and planting areas. Mowing in this way and landscaping with edging in mind can help to get your lawn a much cleaner look. The landscaping professionals here at Midwest Lawn Co can help both with mowing and meeting your landscaping needs.
  • Grasscycling: Good news! To keep a lawn healthy, it is not necessary to bag your clippings. Grass clippings can help to fertilize the yard, and with professional help, you will have access to mowing equipment that allows us to cut the grass more finely. This allows the grass to decompose faster, keeping the lawn looking clean while providing all of the benefits of leaving the clippings on.
  • Hillside mowing: In the hills of West County, we often encounter lawns that have numerous hills and other tricky topography. Mowing on slopes can be very difficult, and this is a job that is usually best left to the professionals. We have the equipment and expertise to make sure that every part of your yard is properly mowed and maintained.
  • Changing the mowing pattern: Mowing in the same fashion each time can lead to the grass being more compacted, and ruts developing. These areas are where weeds can thrive. Using a professional lawn care service can help you keep track of the mowing patterns, and you can enjoy and reap the benefits.
  • Make sure that the lawn is free of debris: A critical service that a lawn care expert can perform is making sure that the yard is free of debris, such as pebbles, discarded wood and other items that can cause damage to the lawn and equipment if mowed over. A clean lawn is one that is fit for mowing and will ensure that it is not damaged while mowing.

Here at Midwest Lawn Co, our lawn care professionals have experience with the topography and extreme weather that Missouri often throws our way. You will be able to leave the hard work to us, while you enjoy the benefits of a healthy and vibrant yard.

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The Chesterfield, Missouri lawn care professionals of Midwest Lawn Co here are to help you with all of your lawn care needs, including mowing. Our services will help you save substantial time and will ensure that you have a clean, aesthetically pleasing and healthy lawn. Enjoy the crisp Spring and hot summer days with your family relaxing and entertaining on your lawn, rather than hours in the hot sun tending to it – you can leave that work to us.

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