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Chesterfield Sodding Services

At Midwest Lawn Co, we specialize in lawn care and maintenance services to make sure you have a healthy, attractive yard all year round. Serving all of Chesterfield, the lawn care specialists of Midwest Lawn Co are your one-stop shop for your lawn care and landscaping needs, including fertilization, mulching, and sodding.

Sodding Needs

Here in Missouri, we are fortunate enough to enjoy the variety that all four seasons have to offer. Because of this, our lawns are subject to the summer’s extreme heat and Missouri winter’s cold and icy conditions. And harsh seasons can really take a toll on your lawn!

Depending on the season, different methods are used to restore and maintain the health of your lawn’s soil. Even lawns that require minimal attention will benefit from routine maintenance.

If your lawn is patchy, worn out, or dying, you might be looking for ways to restore it. Some homeowners opt for reseeding their yards, but many choose to lay new sod. Sod is actually grass and the part of the soil underneath it, held together by the roots.

To liven up tired, worn parts of your lawn, have a healthy layer of sod installed. Installing a fresh layer of sod is great for covering up patches where grass hasn’t grown and giving the soil an environment it will flourish in.

Sod offers many advantages over a reseeded lawn, since it is installed while in optimum health and sown closely to limit the infiltration of weeds. As it takes a bit of work to install, it is important to make the right sod choice by factoring in your climate and the particular conditions and functions of your yard.

No matter what condition your lawn is in, we can help you make the best decision, and perform services to install sod and restore the health of your lawn, enhancing its overall look.

Sod That Survives the Elements

Chesterfield, MO and the surrounding area are considered to be in the transition zone that divides the Northern and Southern regions of the U.S. Here in the heart of the Midwest, our summers are hot and humid, and our winters are brutal and frigid.

When it comes to sodding, you need to install grass that can withstand the extreme conditions of both summers and winters in our region. You want a beautiful lawn that won’t die after one season, but you might be overwhelmed by the many different types of sod you have to choose from.

Each type of sod has benefits and drawbacks, and the sodding specialists at Midwest Lawn Co are happy to help you find the types that will work best for your lawn’s soil.

Cool or Warm Season Grass

When selecting sod, there are two main categories of grass to choose from: Cool season grass and warm season grass. Cool season grass grows better in the northern U.S and has a spring and a fall growing seasons. Warm season grass grows well in the south and has a single-summer growing season. Since we live in the transition zone and experience hot summers and cold winters, warm or cool season grasses can be grown.

Cool Season Grass

All plants require nutrients to grow, and your grass is no different. To grow, cool season grasses need to be fertilized in the spring and fall. They are usually green year-round, turning a greenish brown during the coldest months when sub-freezing temperatures are common, and then turning a rich green hue come spring. Tall Fescue or Kentucky Bluegrass are both excellent types of cool season grasses.

Tall Fescue will turn green in early spring and should stay green until the first frost. Tall Fescue grows the most during spring and fall months and is very tolerant of drought, heat, and shade too. This is a durable, disease-resistant grass that tends to grow in bunches.

Wear tolerance is the resistance to heavy physical traffic, and Kentucky Bluegrass has an exceptionally high tolerance. Being a cool season grass, Bluegrass grows more during the spring and fall. It can sometimes struggle with heat and drought, but it can hold its own in Missouri winters. To keep this shallow-rooted grass dense and lush lawn, watering will be needed throughout St. Louis summers.

Warm Season Grass

At Midwest Lawn Co, we will help you assess your sodding needs, including determining how you use your lawn and what your plans are for your property. Are you planning on using your outdoor living space to entertain? Do you have children or a pet that spends a lot of time playing in the yard? Then you’ll want to consider warm season sod like Bermuda and Zoysia, which can withstand the stress of constant foot traffic better than other types.

Warm season grasses typically require less extensive maintenance. But warm season grass is more susceptible to the cold winters of the transition zone, turning tan from early fall to late spring, and sometimes becoming completely brown during the winter months.

Despite the seasonal tan color, Zoysia makes an especially low-maintenance warm season lawn. This grass thrives during the summer, making Zoysia ideal for summer rental properties and vacation homes.

Zoysia may require more time to take hold than other types of sod, but once it is established, this warm season grass provides a durable, dense lawn with a deep root structure. Zoysia grass can handle heavy foot traffic, and is well-suited for dry, hot Midwest summers because it requires 50% less water to stay green than other types, like Kentucky Bluegrass.

Thriving during hot seasons, Bermudagrass grows incredibly fast during the summer and will require frequent maintenance to keep it looking well-manicured. Bermuda is also incredibly tough and can generally withstand the elements, including drought and heat. Although it can struggle during colder winters, Bermudagrass is the most wear tolerant, since areas damaged from heavy foot- traffic will regrow quickly.

Still unsure about what type of sod to choose? Our team of skilled lawn care experts are happy to help you choose a sod variety that is suited to your particular lawn.

Midwest Lawn Co sources high-quality sod and oversees the installation to help you achieve the healthy, nourished look that you want for your landscape. If you’re interested in learning more about the sod that will be best for your yard, contact a specialist for more information!

Why Should I Hire Midwest Lawn Co for Sodding?

Sodding is quite labor-intensive, and our professional landscapers can help you assess how much time you are able to devote to your sod. Midwest Lawn Co is here to save you valuable time, so you can enjoy the benefits of an attractive, healthy lawn without the burden of having to maintain it on your own.

When we first lay the sod, it is in peak condition and it only requires that you water it periodically. Once it takes root in its new environment, it will need further care. Some sod types grow faster than others, requiring extra edging and mowing. Other types may need additional aeration and irrigation.

From fertilization to mowing, we at Midwest Lawn Co are happy to help you maintain your new sod. We are lawn care professionals that understand our community and demonstrate a commitment to the highest level of service through the work we do each and every day.

Midwest Lawn Co provides the expert sodding services that you are looking for, helping you avoid any critical installation mistakes. Our commitment to customer service, competitive pricing, and our professionally trained and certified staff are just some of the reasons our clients trust us with their residential and commercial sodding needs.

From sodding to mulching, our lawn care professionals and experienced staff will work with you to develop a unique solution that will leave you satisfied with the outcome for years to come.

Our customers hire us for our effective and timely communication, and for putting quality first. We are dedicated to understanding your lawn care needs, and employing professionally trained staff who work to your specifications.

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