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Chesterfield Weed Control Specialists

Have weeds overtaken your yard? At Midwest Lawn Co, we know that weeds can wreak havoc on an otherwise great lawn. Maybe you have always wanted a perfect lawn but you just haven’t been able to make your lawn cooperate. While this can be frustrating, at Midwest Lawn Co, we are here to help and do the hard work for you.

We make it our mission to help you get rid of weeds and keep them off your property. We can help you maintain a lush, green, even lawn with the full range of services we offer. If you need assistance in developing and maintaining a pristine lawn, please do not hesitate to call us at (636) 220-9991 today!

Do I Need a Weed Control Expert?

It may be tempting to think that you can handle the weed control for your own lawn. However, weeds, particularly certain types such as perennial weeds, can be persistent. It takes time and effort with the right treatments to maintain a property with as few unwanted weeds as possible. Don’t waste your time and money trying processes that are not effective. A specialist can more effectively help you address weeds on your property.

A knowledgeable team of weed control specialists will evaluate your property and provide specific recommendations as to the best course of action to take to eradicate weeds. Without a systematic and well-thought-out game plan to address weed issues, your yard will suffer. Don’t try to do it alone – let a specialist help you!

Why Choose Midwest Lawn Co to Handle My Weed Control Needs?

When it comes to choosing a company to handle your lawn care and weed control needs, you may feel overwhelmed by the options. How will you know that the company will provide you with top-notch service? At Midwest Lawn Co, we are known to be professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. These are just some of the attributes our customers use to explain their experience with us.

The team at Midwest Lawn Co is dedicated to providing top quality lawn care services in the Chesterfield community. We have been serving the area’s lawn care needs for over ten years. Through this time, we have developed a talented team that handles every customer’s issues with integrity. We take pride in our work and are eager to assist you in any way we can.

We are proud to offer a free quote for any work that you may need to have completed on your property. Call us at (636) 220-9991 or chat us live on this website. We look forward to hearing from you!

Types of Weeds

Below is a list of common types of weeds that may affect your property and when they tend to be in season:

  • Annual Bluegrass: Forms dense patches that can survive close mowing. Germination tends to occur in early spring and late summer.
  • Black Medic: Often appears from May through September in dry soil and high-phosphorus soil.
  • Broadleaf Plantain: Rosettes appear from the middle of spring and seed stalks appear from early summer through September. This plant thrives in rich, compacted soil.
  • Common Chickweed: Thrives in shady, moist areas.
  • Clover: Often appears between May and September.
  • Crabgrass: Thrives from early spring throughout the summer
  • Curly Dock: Grows especially well when the area is suffering from hot and dry weather.
  • Dandelion: Often appear in early spring and continues to thrive through summer into fall.
  • Foxtail: Tends to germinate when soil temperatures reach 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ground Ivy: Tends to grow in shady and poorly drained areas from April through June.
  • Mouse-Ear Chickweed: Tends to thrive in spring and early summer in poorly drained, shady spots.
  • Henbit: A winter annual weed that blooms in springtime.
  • Oxalis: Sometimes appears as a cumbersome creeping vine.
  • Purslane: Tends to grow well in hot, dry weather, spreading in a sprawling manner.
  • Wild Violet: A winter perennial that thrives from March through June.
  • Yellow Nutsedge: Thrives in the summer months in wet conditions, and can be especially difficult in lawns that are mowed closely.

If you have issues with any of these weeds or any other unwanted plants, please contact us today at (636) 220-9991. We are happy to help!

Treatments We Offer

At Midwest Lawn Co, we can help you with any aspect of weed control, including:

  • Prevention: Before and throughout the growing season, we strive to prevent weeds from springing up, which can also help desired plants to have continued growth.
  • Control: Some weeds will arise, which we will control as early and as effectively as possible. The treatment times for these weeds depends on the outside temperature. We strive to time our treatments to be as effective as possible.
  • Maintenance: Through the use of fertilizer, we can maintain positive growth in your lawn, especially during the hot summer months.
  • Seasonal Preparation: Later in the season, we will want to work to promote root development and prepare your property to stay healthy during the winter so it can come alive again in the spring.

Whether you need help with just one or all of these tasks, Midwest Lawn Co is standing by and ready to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some common questions that our customers ask us about the process of maintaining their lawns. Below are some typical questions and answers.

How much will it cost to maintain my property?

Every property and every lawn is different. We will need more information before we can provide you with a quote for the amount it will take to properly service your property. We are pleased to offer free quotes for our services, so do not hesitate to reach out to us to learn more.

I am worried about chemicals used to treat weeds. Are your treatments safe?

The products we apply to treat weeds are used according to the requirements that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires. When used at the proper concentration, the products are considered to essentially be non-toxic. Typically, the treatments we use are available to consumers as well as professionals. Scientific studies have not shown that lawn care products cause diseases or other medical issues.

Why are multiple treatments necessary to kill weeds?

The weeds listed above tend to fall into two categories. One is broadleaf weeds, such as clover, henbit, and dandelion, that tend to grow in cooler temperatures. The other major category is grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, that grow in warmer temperatures. The different types of weeds require different chemicals that only work when the temperatures are correct to control the plants. Broadleaf weeds require cooler temperatures to see results, while warmer temperatures are necessary to control grassy weeds.

How long should I wait to water or cut the grass after a weed treatment?

After an application of weed killer, we recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before watering your grass. That said, an application should be given a chance to soak into the soil through watering or rain within a week of the application. After the application of product has been watered into the soil, your grass can be cut at any time.

When can I go back on my lawn after weeds have been treated?

When the application has dried, it is safe to use your lawn as usual.

What if it rains right after a weed control application?

Whether weed control products will work depends on several factors, including how soon it rained and for how long. If weeds on your property do not begin to die within seven to ten days of an application of weed control due to rain, please contact us.

Why does it look like an area of my lawn was burned by a weed control application?

It may appear as if the products used to treat weeds caused your grass to be burned. However, this is unlikely. What is more typical is that as more drastic temperature changes happen from cooler spring weather to warmer summer weather, a common disease known as leaf blight may occur. This can cause an appearance as if your grass was bleached out. Typically, leaf blight will resolve fairly quickly on its own. If you ever have questions about this or any other lawn disease, please call us so we can advise you about how to address the situation.

How long does it take for weeds to die after an application?

Most weeds will start to die within a week to ten days of the application of weed control. However, if you do not see weeds starting to wilt within this time frame, please contact us so that we can discuss the next steps.

Hopefully, these frequently asked questions have provided you with the information you need. If not, please call us at (636) 220-9991 or chat with us on this website so that we can assist you.

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If you need help controlling weeds on your property, do not hesitate to contact the lawn care professionals from Midwest Lawn Co right away. We are eager to evaluate your needs and help you decide the best treatment to keep weeds under control. Call us at (636) 220-9991 or contact us on this website so that you can achieve the lawn you have always wanted.