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Chesterfield Compost Topdressing Services

While you can plant beautiful flowers and greenery, if you aren’t tending to the soil, then your landscape isn’t going to thrive. Because well-nourished soil is imperative to maintaining the overall health of your landscape, the team at Midwest Lawn Co offer compost topdressing services to keep the nutrients in your soil rich and balanced.

While there are many choices to make when creating a beautiful landscape, the most critical considerations are usually the simplest ones. Our topdressing specialists will help you maintain healthy soil throughout the year. If you’re interested in learning more about compost topdressing, call a member of our team today at (636) 220-9991 to get a free estimate.

Why Is Compost Topdressing Important?

The basic process of topdressing is laying a substance on top of a surface. When our landscape specialists perform compost topdressing services, they distribute organic matter over the top layer over a lawn. In doing so, the nutrients from the composted material will be accessible to the soil. The overall purpose of topdressing is to improve the structure of the soil. By taking advantage of compost topdressing services, your lawn will benefit in the following ways:

  • Become more resistant to drainage and droughts
  • Require less use of supplemental fertilizers
  • Require less maintenance
  • Have access to nutrients and beneficial bacteria
  • Promote the growth of turf and other plants

Sand, clay, silt, and organic matter all make up basic soil structure. Different types of topdressings use sand, silt, and clay. While each of these has different benefits, compost topdressing is specifically meant to raise the level of organic matter within the soil. Boosting the level of organic matter for any given soil will allow for healthier pH and energy levels.

In addition to correcting the pH of the soil, compost topdressing improves the soil’s cation exchange capacity, which affects the soil’s ability to hold nutrients while protecting against the jarring impact of acids. Soils with healthy percentages of organic matter, usually 5 to 10 percent, have stronger adhesive properties. This slows the weathering process and allows the soil to stay healthy longer.

Benefits of Compost Topdressing Services

Paying attention to the health of the soil in your landscape is crucial if you want your lawn to thrive. While soil structure naturally shifts over time, maintenance services like compost topdressing allow you to replenish nutrients that the soil naturally loses. The primary reasons to consider compost topdressing are because it is:

Sustainable — Using composted materials as topdressing provides the soil with natural and environmentally sound nutrients. While harsh chemicals and fertilizers can certainly help a lawn grow, opting to use organic matter is a gentler, more intuitive way to improve the health of your landscape. If you want to keep your lawn healthy while remaining committed to lessening your environmental impact, taking advantage of compost topdressing aligns with these goals.

Economical—If the soil is unhealthy, planting beautiful flowers is a superficial and temporary fix. By investing in healthy soil, you are addressing the root of the problem. Taking steps to balance and enrich the organic matter of your soil will not only allow you to save money in maintenance, but it will also ensure that the time and money that you invest in other landscaping services make the best possible impact.

EffectiveCompost topdressing works. The composition of each type of soil has varying levels of sand, silt, and clay. In using compost as topdressing, no matter the structure of your soil, your landscape will have access to the nutrients that it needs. You’ll know your soil is healthy from its overall look, as well as the maintenance it no longer requires.

If you’re interested in addressing your landscaping needs, the health of your soil is a great place to start. Our compost topdressing specialists can answer any questions you have about how to improve the health of your soil.

Does My Lawn Need Topdressing?

While most lawns need regular maintenance, some signs could reveal that your soil needs special attention. In addition to topdressing, other services, such as aerating and dethatching, could also help improve the health of your soil and turf. Indications that you may need compost topdressing include:

  • Dry rocky soil — When the soil’s organic matter levels are low, the soil will lose nutrients and might break apart more easily. This means that the soil in your lawn could erode more quickly because it can’t withstand elements like wind and foot traffic the way healthy soil can.
  • Uneven lawn —When the lawn is no longer level or there are sporadic depressions on the surface, topdressing services may be needed.
  • Patchy grass —Depending on the season, if your turf is not growing the way it should, it could be an indication that it doesn’t contain the nutrients it needs to promote growth.

If you are unsure if your soil needs attention, one of our specialists can help you determine any steps that should be taken. When considering topdressing services, timing is also important. Your lawn is usually best positioned to benefit from topdressing when it still has access to plenty of sunlight and temperatures aren’t extreme. Typically, this means that spring and early fall are optimal times to consider topdressing.

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The team at Midwest Lawn Co provides high-quality lawncare services combined with unparalleled customer service. We can help determine which services will best benefit your landscape. While treating your soil may not be as flashy as planting a new garden, it is a crucial step in providing nutrients to your entire landscape. Our Chesterfield lawn renovation specialists will help you get started. Give us a call today at (636) 220-9991 to learn how we can help with your topdressing needs.